Advice & Training

Rotor is an expert in the field of electric motors and would like to share it with you.
Our aim is to assist our customers throughout the procuring process, but also in practice. Ample information prevents production fall out and faults because of erroneous maintenance or operating

You can make use of our knowledge in various ways:
Held either at your or our location, we can offer the following training programs;- standard motor training program- modular training programme tailor made to meet the client"s specific demands

Quick scan:
In a relatively short time span we can make a survey and an inventory in the field of motor drive in your company.
The emphasis of this Quick Scan will be on cost cutting, e.g. in the field of energy costs, maintenance and motor management policies.

Rotor supplies the prefect motor for your machines and equipment. If we, as a supplier of high quality products, are familiar with your application, we may adapt our motors to make them even more suitable for your application.I would like to receive more information