Water gekoelde motoren

Water gekoelde motoren, ook wel TEWAC of IC81W motoren genoemd worden gekoeld door een waterkoeling/warmte wisselaar op de motor te plaatsen. Door dit type koeling voegt de motor weining warmte toe aan zijn omgeving en wordt de motor zeer effectief gekoeld. Dit type motor wordt veel gebruikt voor voortstuwing van schepen.

IC81W Tewac air-water cooled When the environmental conditions do not allow open motors to be used, totally enclosed motors, cooled through air - water exchangers (IC81W) can be used. With a fan placed in the shaft of the motor the interior air is made to circulate through the heat exchanger for cooling the motor. In the standard execution it is a simple pipe although subject to client requirements, it can be double pipe. Depending on the quality of the water the pipe material changes, It can be fresh water or salt water. Also water ratio and temperature are important

IC86W Tewac air-water cooled When the motors are supplied by frequency converters, and they have to work in a variable speed range, it often happens that the fan that is attached to the shaft it is not capable of providing sufficient flow of air for the optimum cooling of the motors. In this event in these motors the shaft fan is eliminated, and an electro-fan is added to them.

Possible options: Heating PTC tripping PTC alarm PT100 winding PT100 bearing Bi-metal tripping Bi-metal alarm Insulated bearing SPM nippels External cooling C3 coating C5 coating Holding brake Speed sensor Water leakage detectors